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General Flavor Project References


Support flavored project references in a general way so that they may apply to NuGet packages and compiled docs, for example.

To implement:
  • Rename <NuGetFlavor> to <FlavorProjectReference>
  • Keep supporting <NuGetFlavor> for backward compatibility and in case a flavor must be added to NuGet and nothing else.
  • Also define <DocumentationFlavor> similar to <NuGetFlavor> but for compiled docs.
  • Generate NuGet package containing flavors in union of <FlavorProjectReference> and <NuGetFlavor> items.
  • Generate compiled documentation containing flavors in union of <FlavorProjectReference> and <DocumentationFlavor> items. Consider using Sandcastle's versioning feature, if it's still available in SHFB, which used to provide the ability to document multiple .dlls as different versions of the same library; however, I'm not sure whether version strings are customizable to be "flavor" names rather than numbers.